Live-Tweeting SpiceWorld

April 5, 2011

I have this twisted thought of live-tweeting Twilight. There is nothing more entertaining than a 30-something NBA writer tweeting on a Thursday night about a movie that teenage girls love. Wow. That sounds pretty sad.

I’ll admit that it would be funny, though. I mean, last Christmas Eve, everyone was live-tweeting Christmas movies. Me? I decided to be rebellious as always.

I live-tweeted SpiceWorld.

Yeah, that terrible, terrible Spice Girls movie.

I did KEEP the tweets for entertainment. With the hashtag, too! You’ll especially enjoy this if you actually watched the movie before. Enjoy! And SPOILER ALERT.

Too much of something is bad enough! But something’s coming over me to make me wonder! #SpiceWorld

So SpiceWorld is based on an idea of the Spice Girls? HOW AWESOME. #SpiceWorld

Do It by Spice Girls was on the Dead Or Alive Beach Volleyball soundtrack. #Nerd #SpiceWorld

Posh Spice was angry that someone was filming them. #SpiceWorld

They’re now singing a remix of Say You’ll Be There. That’s my favorite song by them. #SpiceWorld

This evil Kevin McMaxford dude is spraying the spit. Kinda like my cousin. #SpiceWorld

Scary Spice doesn’t know how to play chess. #SpiceWorld

Posh Spice said that Ginger Spice is full of useless information. About manta rays. #SpiceWorld

Ginger Spice, dressed as Sporty, can do a better cartwheel than me. #SpiceWorld

“Do Godmothers get stretch marks?” Posh Spice. #SpiceWorld

I love that Meatloaf is the bus driver for the Spice Girls. #SpiceWorld

These… must be the aliens @Sophiabiabia was talking about. They just asked for Sporty’s autograph. #SpiceWorld

Never give up on the good times. Gotta believe on the love you find. #SpiceWorld

…Spice Force Five? #SpiceWorld

Posh Spice looks totally bored on their spontaneous boat ride. #SpiceWorld

Boat takes a wild turn and Posh Spice and the kids they had with them fell into the water. Drama! #SpiceWorld

Manager in the green suit just pissed off the Spice Girls. You DON’T piss off the Spice Girls! #SpiceWorld

The girls are singing “Wannabe” at a diner. This was supposedly before they made it big. Loving Baby in a schoolgirl outfit. #SpiceWorld

BABY SPICE: “Is it all going to be over soon?” PREMONITION. #SpiceWorld

Swing it, shake it, move it, make it! Who do you think you are?! #SpiceWorld

Ginger is delivering her friend’s baby. GINGER: “Put your legs together!” SCARY: “You should’ve done that nine months ago!” #SpiceWorld

Manager is going crazy waiting for the Spice Girls to show up for their concert. The girls are with friend that’s having a baby. #SpiceWorld

And the friend, of course, has a baby girl. Girl Power! #SpiceWorld

The girls go into the bus. No Meatloaf, er, driver. So Posh Spice takes the wheel and races through London. Hot. #SpiceWorld

The Rocky theme song comes on while the Spice Girls get out of the bus and dash their way to the concert site. What? #SpiceWorld

The manager is still waiting for the Spice Girls. He’s wearing a purple suit. Like the one my cousin wears to every occasion. #SpiceWorld

And the girls get there in time. The manager is very relieved and calls the head of the record label, who is feeding a piglet. #SpiceWorld

Man, Baby Spice is adorable. #SpiceWorld

The girls perform Spice Up Your Life. And now, credits are rolling while they’re showing “behind-the-scenes.” You’re welcome. #SpiceWorld

BABY SPICE: “You know what… some people watchin’ this on video… IS THERE NOTHING ON TELE THEN?!” #SpiceWorld


I can only imagine that Twilight would be even more entertaining. After all, I, of all people, can relate to love.

Smile for me, Lizzy.



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