Live-Tweeting Twilight

April 14, 2011

So in case you missed it… yes, I did live-tweet Twilight. I got very few complaints about it, actually… but it still cracks me up when people complain about it. My thing is… I don’t bother you when you talk about things I’m NOT interested in like… your boyfriend/girlfriend, laundry, your favorite TV show, your undying love for some celebrity you’ll never meet, or the movie you’re watching (IRONY) so why do you bother me when I do this… AND I really do it for humor’s sake. Especially the ones that actually DO know me. They know better not to take me seriously.

You wanna get my real impressions of Twilight, though? I thought it was average. Not my favorite movie and not awesomely bad like SpiceWorld. Kristen Stewart grew on me but I admit that her pictures and her seemingly-emotionless acting bother me. I suppose she’s an acquired taste. My friend has a huge crush on her.

Anyway, in case you missed it… here are my tweets about Twilight. SPOILER ALERT. And you’re welcome.

Normally, I would be saying this… but my DVD and a few of my women followers just said, “Thank you for pushing play!” #Twilight

You know what? I’ve thought about this plenty of times. “I’ve never given much thought on how I would die.” #Twilight

Wow. So like… Kristen Stewart’s face DOES move. Barely. #Twilight

So Yorks, Washington is a place where they breed vampires? Does such a town even exist? #Twilight

Wait. Jacob is the dude with the long hair? That’s Jacob?! I’m kind of disappointed. Maybe he’ll grow on me or something. #Twilight

Sorry, it’s Forks. My hearing is bad these days. #Twilight

Bella is quite awkward. But HS me would still go out with her. #Twilight

“You’re from Arizona, right? Aren’t people from Arizona supposed to be like… really tanned?” #Twilight

I like how Edward entered in almost like slow motion. They should have had the wind blow. Or have fireworks in the background. #Twilight

But instead, a fan was blowing towards Bella’s hair. Oh, you never cease to amaze me, movies filled with “heartthrobs.” #Twilight

Uh-oh. Edward disappeared. Where could he have run off to?! #Twilight

I hate Science. And what’s worse is that I didn’t sit next to a good-looking girl in science classes in HS. #Twilight

EDWARD: “So you’re enjoying the rain?” That is a classic pick-up line if I’ve ever heard one. #Twilight

Whoa. This Edward guy has superpowers or something. And my brother said he was Team Jacob. Or whatever that team is. Miami Heat? #Twilight

Bella apparently dreamt of Edward. When was the first time YOU dreamt of Edward? #Twilight

“What’s in Jacksonville?” Actually, I have no idea, either. #Twilight

Bella doesn’t seem like the type of girl that likes to have fun. Yet she’s asking Edward to hang out… for fun. Awesome. #Twilight

Bella is googling something. Because, ya know… everything is on the internet. #Twilight

Bella’s really not into dress shopping, apparently. #Twilight

“I feel… very… protective… of you.” OH, GOD. I think I’m gonna take a break. #Twilight

“I don’t have… the strength… to stay away from you anymore.” “Then don’t.” *KILLS HIMSELF* #Twilight

“Say it… out loud.” “Vampire.” Same volume, same tone, same emotion. Oh, that Bella. #Twilight

“Your scent… is like a drug to me. You’re like my own personal brand of heroin.” I don’t even know what to say. #Twilight

You ever get that in high school where everyone is staring at you? I have that feeling right now. #Twilight

How far is Forks from Seattle? Bella’s dad is wearing a Seattle Mariners T-Shirt. Do vampires like baseball? #Twilight

I don’t sleep, either. I’m a vampire. #Twilight

Vampire baseball. They HAVE to be on PEDs. #Twilight

James is Volchok from The O.C. I cannot stand any of the characters this guy plays. #RyanAndMarissaForever #TheOC4Life #Twilight

Ryan better beat up Volchok… wait. Now I’m confused. #TheOC4Life #Twilight

Going through glass is NOT fun. Bella, at least, has the ability to yell. #Twilight

Fell through two flights of stairs… and went through a window. I wouldn’t believe that story. #Twilight

Ahhh. I see a little animosity there. No wonder there are two teams. #Twilight

Bella’s on one leg. She can’t really dance unless she does… the ‘sprain’. #SavedByTheBell #Twilight

“I dream of being with you forever.” Ahhh, stuff you say in high school or when you’re in a foolish situation. #Twilight

And I believe that was that Victoria creature. The end. You’re ALL welcome. #Twilight

So… live-tweeting SpiceWorld: +30 followers. Live-tweeting Twilight: 0 followers. I think these numbers are surprising.

There you have it. Hope you enjoyed it. I think next time… we should ALL live-tweet a movie together.

Smile for me, Lizzy.



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